End of January Already – round-up & plans

Somehow the first month of the new year just came and went before I even had the leisure to put my New Year’s Resolutions on paper. So here are a few things I’ve been up to.

I’ve started my Level 3 Award in Education and Training (fka PTLLS) at the City Lit. This is a basic adult education qualification that will take me until the end of March to complete, at the rate of one day a week of contact time. We’ve had three sessions so far and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Being the child of teachers, some of the theory is vaguely familiar, but applying it to how adults learn is a new way of thinking about it, and it does help me think about my training in different ways.

I went on a curator-led tour of the BL’s exhibition on the Gothic imagination a week before it closed. I enjoyed both the tour and the exhibition a lot. The curators explained the reasoning behind which objects they had chosen and how the exhibition was arranged and put together, which was very interesting from an info professional perspective, because it’s a very different way of thinking about information than what I do in my day to day work – I usually try to find a specific piece of information, whereas in a humanities subject, the key is the connections between texts and how they interact with one another and with what’s going on in the world. Sometimes it’s nice wearing my Humanities/EngLit hat again, I should do it more often.

I’ve had a visit from a LIS student/library assistant (Amy McEwan from SLaM) who had heard me speak about our Recovery College at the HLG conference. She’s doing some work on recovery colleges and writing her dissertation around the topic as well, so she came to see me and chat to me about the project and what’s been happening since the presentation. Good fun, and very educational for both of us.

And I submitted a short addendum for my Chartership.

I think that’s it for Jan 2015. It’s been a pretty full-on month, but in a good way. The City Lit course involves quite a bit of work, so I’m trying not to put too many other things in my diary for now, but I’m hoping I can go to CILIP in London meetings a bit more regularly this year. I feel like I’ve really settled into London now (I know, I know, it took a while), so it’s probably time to take advantage of more things it has to offer.

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