Blog resurrection + Haiku Deck

I have not written here in ages. Things have changed a lot – I’ve moved to London and started my first professional job in May 2012, and I sort of forgot this existed.

I’ve been reading blogs of colleagues more recently, and it occurred to me that the main reason I don’t tend to blog is because I look at it less like it’s similar to tweeting and more like it’s similar to book publishing. Reading others’ blogs has brought home to me that there are many different ways to use a blog, and that there might yet be one which fits me. Several of my colleagues use their blogs more like reflective diaries, to keep track of what they’ve been up to, or just to put some thoughts down.

If I take off the pressure and the frame of mind I’ve had previously that makes me think every post has to be an academic essay or a work of art, I might be able to do something useful here along the same lines. I’ll try this over the next few weeks and we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been trying to redo our library outreach presentation today. I’ve been invited to one of our community sites to give a talk on the library in a few weeks and I’m bored of my old Powerpoint, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try out something new. I’ve had a look at Ned Potter’s presentation tool recommendations and am playing around on Haiku Deck at the moment. I like how professional it looks and how little time it takes to create a presentation compared with Powerpoint. It also forces you to put as little text as you can on the slides, which is something that I always have trouble with. I’m not convinced, however, by the search function that’s meant to bring up relevant images if you type in a few words – most results I’ve got so far are questionable at best, and completely unrelated at worst. Thankfully there are enough other places to find images on the web. I can see how this is a useful tool though, and I’m sure I’ll use it for more presentations in future (provided this one goes down okay in the talk).

One thought on “Blog resurrection + Haiku Deck

  1. Hello Lisa, thanks so much for checking out our app and for sharing your thoughts — we appreciate it! In regards to the image search results, this is mainly due to the different tags photographers use for their photos in Flickr (where we pull Creative Commons images from), which can sometimes lead to irrelevant images. This is something our team continues to work on, and we have more information about our CC image search feature here if interested: Cheers, Lisa from Team Haiku Deck

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