23 Things: Thing 5 – Reflective Practice

Oh dear. Deep breath. This seems to be the “hump” Thing for most people, and I’m no exception. Reflection in  quiet is one thing, but getting it down black on white is another. I’ll give it a try though! So, here is a bit of reflection on the previous 4 Things and on my experience of CPD23 so far.

Reflection: shifting your perception

1. Recall it: Blogging is a great way of helping recall–I do have quite good memory, but actually writing things down is obviously a big help in recalling stuff. So, going through the posts on CPD23 so far, I find that I’ve had a good experience.

2. Evaluate it: 
What did you learn?

Apart from Pushnote, I haven’t really discovered new services, but Thing 2 and 3 were far more interesting and thought-provoking than I would have expected. I started to really think about my online reputation, about the way I engage (or, rather, should engage) with others in the profession, about how I network and communicate, how I keep up to date, how I can do these things better.
What did you enjoy?

Reading through everyone’s posts was definitely very enjoyable. Just feeling that I’m not alone, that we’re all on this journey together, is fantastic. Also, I enjoy how a little can go a long way and feeling that, if things go the way of the first couple of weeks, everything I learn this summer will be really useful. I’m enjoying getting back into blogging, which I didn’t do for the longest time–either because I had no time or because I felt I had nothing interesting to talk about. Learning that I do, and that I should use my voice more often, has been quite the eye-opener.
What worked well? What, if anything, went wrong?

So far, things have been going pretty well. I started the course a bit late, so I’m still catching up on blogging about it. There are a few things that I want to write about from previous Things–I hope I can get it all done… I like how it’s completely possible to jump in a bit late and still get a lot out of the course.

As for things going wrong, well, sometimes technology goes TITSUP on me and I can’t leave comments on people’s blogs with the account that I want to use, which is annoying. Learning to customise my blog has also largely been a trial-and-error process, and I find I need to keep a better eye on comments and reply in a timely fashion.

What would you change?

I think it’s too early to say anything about that. I definitely like the format of the course and the Delicious account that allows people to find each other’s blogs according to a set of criteria. Maybe that one could be organised a bit better.
What (potential) impact could this have in your workplace?

I don’t think it’ll have a great impact in my current workplace, but for me personally, it is already having quite a significant impact–like I mentioned earlier, I just finished my MALIS, so looking into potential careers, getting to know people, trying out and evaluating services etc. is very helpful for me personally.

3. Apply it: Take some action. What can you practically apply from the experience you’ve had?

I think a key point here is that this has the potential to change a lot of my habits. Being selective about which blogs I follow, blogging more myself, coming to terms with how I use Twitter, polishing my blog visually and making it nice and shiny, actually talking to people and not just lurking as a reader are all things that I’ve known how to do but never quite got round to. I know that this course is exceptional in terms of blog productivity for me, but I hope I can stick to blogging more and not drop it completely once the course finishes.


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