23 Things: Thing 1

As of Saturday, I’m done with library school (well, nearly done, viva is still to come but nothing much can happen) and thus am in need of a summer project. So I’ve signed up for 23 Things. And the first Thing people have to do is write about what they hope to get out of the programme.

I think what I really want to get out of it is some re-engaging with the tools that are available – I am pretty tech- and gadget-happy, I use social networks and the like, but I fail to connect it to my profession and my professional development, so that’s one thing I’d like to learn. I also hope to meet (or reconnect with) some like-minded people and share stories. And, now I’m done with library school, I’m looking for jobs, so this seems like an ideal time to be doing something for my professional development. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two that will be helpful in job interviews. Last but not least, I’ve neglected this blog rather shamefully, so maybe this programme will help me kickstart it again!


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