BID-Kongress 2010: New Professionals Forum and Tweet-Up

Perhaps the most satisfying and, for me, most intense part of the conference was the official New Professionals Forum and the inofficial tweet-up.

The New Professionals Forum was basically a get-together for the “younger generation” of LIS professionals. There was a short talk on diversity management which took about 15-20 minutes, then we had a whole hour of discussion time. This was something that I missed during most of the conference panels – they ran a really tight schedule and there wasn’t always time for questions or discussion.

The tweet-up was an inofficial gathering of people who were tweeting or blogging the conference. The turnout was surprisingly large, I met a few people in real life that I have been following on the web as well as some new faces, and we just spent hours talking. Really satisfying conclusion to a great conference. We walked around the Leipzig Book Fair for a bit afterwards, but I only ever saw half of it because I had to rush to get my train to Berlin. But I’m trying to stay in touch with people, and all in all, I’m really glad I went because it was an eye-opener in many ways.


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