Library Day in the Life 4: Thursday

Thursday continued in much the same vein as Wednesday had finished. Helen went on with the binding order, I went on with the supervising and answering questions as best I could. Cancelled lunch in favour of finishing my skills-based CV and a personal statement to be submitted for a conference award. Also continued writing up notes for the next trainee (and myself when I start training them), and finally got to pay some invoices that were a bit overdue – we actually had a call from the bookshop to ask about them.

Last but not least, I got to plan out my trip to Leipzig for the BID-Kongress, a 4-day German library conference which is only € 20,- to attend for students! A couple of people from my course have already said they’re attending as well, and I found out I can get help with my travel costs, which was a nice surprise. I will be staying with a fellow student who is from Leipzig, so I won’t even need to worry about accommodation cost. Some of my lecturers are giving presentations at the conference and I’m really looking forward to the experience.


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