Library Day in the Life 3: Wednesday

On Wednesday, I got to teach the new trainee in Accessions (@helenthelouise on Twitter) about binding orders. While doing that, it struck me that we had no proper written instructions on how to do this, and since I’ll be here for a while, training someone new every three months, it seemed like a good idea to actually write something up. I’ve been thrown into cold water a bit with this training thing, but it’s worked really well so far, so imagine how smooth it will go with proper notes!

Another of our trainees returned from his interview in Loughborough, which apparently went well, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

While keeping an eye on the new trainee, I e-mailed the librarian over at the Institute of Social and Economic Research on campus about doing a portrait of the library for the CILIP East of England Career Development Group Newsletter. As some of you may know, I’m on the committee of EoE CDG, and the newsletter is supposed to portray a slightly “unusual” or special library in each issue to increase awareness of career options. A library that supports cutting-edge sociological research (ISER, amongst other things, is in charge of the British Household Panel) struck me as as good a place as any to appear in that feature. We have now agreed on an interview date in February, so hopefully I should be able to do a write-up in time for the next issue.

I also finally started updating my CV and making a version that is exactly like I want it. I have about ten mostly out-of-date versions of it in various formats, primarily PDFs done in LaTeX. This has the advantage of looking stunningly beautiful, but I found it took me very long to actually tailor it for a specific job. So I had to bite the bullet and create one in Word, which is a bit more flexible and quicker to edit. Now, the next thing to do is update my bio for our work website – it still has the text that I wrote three weeks into my traineeship in Summer 2008!


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