Library Day in the Life2: Tuesday

Tuesday is my late night shift day in the week, so it started quite leisurely. After breakfast and a morning spent organising my MA readings – I am currently testing several tools for doing this, including Bookends and Papers – I was off to work in the afternoon.

The working part of the day did not start off too well. When I came to work, I discovered that most of the university’s websites were down – apparently one of the servers had given out. Unfortunately this included the library website, but luckily our catalogue was still working, and so was the library management system.

Late night for me means working the circ desk. All in all, it was an uneventful night – no troublesome customers, no massive late fees, no paternoster alarm. I managed to catch up with some book orders and tidy in the short loan section when I was not serving customers. There were not that many students in, which makes me hopeful – last term, late nights were really busy, mostly due to the uni taking in a much higher number of students than in the last few years.

I even got to take some pictures which sum up the night quite well, I think.

All pictures are click-to-enlarge.

My workplace, in the dark.

Campus at night.

The Late Night Librarian toolkit: date stamps, date labels, water dispenser for gumming them into the books. Yes, we are old-fashioned that way.

These are the slips we put into books if they’re on hold. There is a colour for each day of the week so they can be easily removed after five days if the books haven’t been picked up. Because they are quite long, they can be used several times if you cut the name on top off. Sometimes I do that on a late night.


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