Library Day in the Life

I am participating in the fourth round of the Library Day in the Life project. I’m a first-time participant and quite excited!

Today saw me bright and early starting off another week. The weekend ended on quite an accomplished feel, as I managed to catch up on a lot of MA-related things. I also had a good lungful of country air walking around the Ipswich heathland on Sunday, so I was well up for another working week.

It was a bit of an oddity, this day. First, term has started properly now, and we are barely coping with the huge amounts of shelving in the morning. Not really stressful, but I do wonder if the higher student numbers this year are putting too much of a strain on each and every university resource.

In addition to my normal day-to-day tasks (accessioning), I had to cover at the Enquiries Desk for a bit (of which I had to be reminded when the time came around). This proved uneventful: one student asked me to help her find a book which was not on the shelves, so up we went and I got to check with my own eyes that indeed it wasn’t there, following it up with an explanation as to why this might be and that no, I could not make it appear out of thin air just now. Another needed help finding her way around e-journals. No problem for your friendly enquiries library assistant 🙂

In between work, I was trying to get together my application for a conference award. I emailed one of my lecturers, who thankfully agreed to write a letter of recommendation. But since I am on a distance-learning programme, I had to supply him with some background information about myself so he actually knew who I was and what I was trying to do. But that seems to be well under way now – I just got the letter of recommendation back from him as I was typing up this entry – and I hope to finish it all up by the end of the week – watch this space.


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