Very Long Overdue Update

Life has been busy, and I’ve been trying to sort out a lot of things – mainly, how and where I am going to do my MA in Librarianship, and how I’m going to fund it.

The long and short of it is: I will be doing a distance learning course via the Humboldt University of Berlin. Since I did not get an AHRC grant, full-time study was out of the question, and after a bit af deliberation, I finally settled on doing a degree with a German university because I do like the idea of being able to go “back home” after I qualify. I’ve noticed that the English seem to be less focused on specific formal qualifications and place slightly more emphasis on experience – meaning that, in England, you can theoretically make up for a missing or yet-to-be-attained qualification with relevant experience. They also seem to be more open to qualifications from foreign parts.

The Germans do not seem to look so kindly on this, and since they can be very funny when it comes to foreign qualifications, I chose to be on the safe side. My first residential period in Berlin is October 23-24, and I’m sure I shall report back on my studies once they really kick in – watch this space.

Apart from this, I have joined the CILIP East of England Career Development Group Committee (which meets tonight at Cambridge) and am still jobhunting. I hope something comes up soon.


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