Interview at UCL

I’ve been quite slow in applying for my Master’s degree, but one of the universities had an extremely early deadline. So, mid-January, I boarded a train out of Colchester North and, having arrived in London, wandered around Bloomsbury a bit.

The campus was alright – it’s in the heart of London, right opposite the British Museum, quite compact, yet with enough space and several cafés and relaxed areas and the like.

I even got to see the libraries – for me, that is a vital part of a university’s assets and a very important factor in my decision whether to go there or not.

I saw the main library and the science library, but I cannot say I was too impressed. The main library is in a beautiful building, and it is certainly a nice place to study, but I prefer to have my own laptop to do my studying, and there were no laptops to be seen anywhere – probably due to the lack of power sockets at the desks. The science library was a bit more welcoming in that respect. It has a postgraduate computer cluster, which was packed when I was there, and a “group study area” that I hope will see the addition of some furniture soon.

On the whole, I am in two minds, and will keep applying to other places as well. On a related note, I will most probably have to go for part-time study since I am not eligible for the full £ 10,000+ award from the AHRC, but only for one that covers my tuition fees. Maybe this will even mean going for distance learning.


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