Found While Shelving (II)

Today’s find are some interesting books on paganism!

Modern Paganism in World Cultures, ed. Michael Strmska, contains an essay on pagan customs in contemporary Britain. Also some interesting stuff on the Nordic pagan tradition, and it looked well-balanced amd concise in a general way.

Belief beyond boundaries Wicca, Celtic spirituality and the new age, ed. Joanne Pearson, is an Open University book on Wicca and paganism. I took it mainly for the essays on Wicca. I hope it’s not all “stay away from that kind of stuff, witchcraft is a dangerous thing”, but it didn’t look like that.

I am tidying the Biology section at the moment, which is loads of heavy textbooks on Genetics, Microbiology, and (another find today) fungal biotechnology. Sounds a bit dodgy, doesn’t it?. But Philosophy/Religion is on the same floor, which means I come across fairly interesting stuff.


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