Public Health training session, Waltham Forest

Critical appraisal session – Waltham Forest Public Health team Yesterday (17/02/2016) I ran a critical appraisal session for a team of public health strategists at Waltham Forest Town Hall. The paper that we discussed was: Wolfenden, L. et al. (2015). Improving availability, promotion and purchase of fruit and vegetable and non sugar-sweetened drink products at … More Public Health training session, Waltham Forest

Update September 2015

More depressing than nice news in this one, but let’s focus on the nice things first. The rules for the Carnegie Medal have changed from allowing only books written in English by a single author to books translated into English, and co-authored books. I am pleased about this change – it’s been long due. Another … More Update September 2015

Critical Appraisal session with children’s services, September 10, 2015

I recently delivered a critical appraisal session at one of the trust’s specialist children’s services site. The participants for this session were all involved in children’s services. There were several physiotherapists, a physiotherapy technical advisor, an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist, and a school nurse. The paper we appraised was: Mitchell, Darcy B., and … More Critical Appraisal session with children’s services, September 10, 2015

A Chartered Creature

Earlier this year I finally passed my CILIP Chartership portfolio. I’d been working on it on and off pretty much since I started my current (and first professional) role. Reflecting on the process, then: What helped, what didn’t, what are my general thoughts? Things (and people) that helped   My mentor, Helen Alper, who is very … More A Chartered Creature